Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Physicist and the Philosopher

Boasted the great physicist to the philosopher,
'The universe is mapped and explored,
governed by laws which can't be ignored.'

Asked the wise philosopher of the physicist,
'Is that the sole end of you scientists,
To determine the rules of all which exists?'

To the philosopher, the physicist simply remarked,
'The laws of all nature can be humanly known,
And the sum of the universe's governance shown.'

To the physicist, the philosopher gently replied,
'Good sir, your theories are quite well hypothesized,
But what of those things which remain unseen by our eyes?'

To philosopher, the physicist did tartly retort,
'There is no room in the universe's natural order,
for faith, love, hope or a Divine Creator and Ruler.'

To the physicist, the philosopher did evenly say,
'But you love your work, and hope for new discoveries,
And you have faith that the Supreme laws are your theories.'

But to the philosopher, the physicist quickly rebutted,
'To humans these emotions may seem quite fundamental,
But to the man of science nothing more is Transcendental.'

So to the physicist, the learned philosopher noted,
'You can explain the universe's very operations,
But not why it must follow all your equations.'

To the philosopher the physicist haughtily cried,
'What need have I for such foolish explanations,
Divine workings are beyond any of my derivations.'

To the physicist, the philosopher mildly stated,
'To me, it seems, your theories lack something critical,
For how can mere mortals explain the supernatural?'

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