Friday, September 28, 2007

Sir George Faces the Dragon

Sir George, great knight so fearless,
The dragon has come, beast most ferocious!
He'll devour this morn another poor maiden,
Yet none will stand forth and face him.

Knight so gallant, yet your valiance is brash,
'Tis not your fight, this great fell foe.
Are these peasants worth your struggle,
Ungrateful knaves who taunt and torment you?

'Face not the worm, for you he'll surely slay,
Sir knight, you will fail ere the dawn's end!'
How fair is the victim, so small a ransom,
What risk is she worth, your life or limb?

None would challenge your honor nor valor,
If you but retreated from death approaching.
Abandon the maiden, none will ever know,
Or forsake your own life, the dragon's feast.

His hide is thick and hardened armory steel,
His glistening teeth a thousand sharpened spears.
Your sword can't hack nor arrow penetrate him,
Your armor like paper will crumple in his mighty jaw.

He's distracted by the maiden's frantic cries,
It's not too late for your steed to fly, escape!
Still you chose to attack the worm with a sign,
Wood when sword and arrow were of little avail.

'Twas the beast's own insatiable lust for food,
Proved its weakness, what a strange downfall!
For its open mouth presented the vulnerable throat,
And neither tooth nor poison could slow your lance.

Your humble fortitude hath saved Silena's people,
Folly become valiance, the village's salvation!
Had you but been wiser to the world's advice,
We'd have one more dragon, and one fewer saint.

The Steward

Tending ever the master's property,
Ensuring the land's continued prosperity
Diligently he manages his employer's affairs,
Deftly overseeing his lords's important cares.
Prideful, he may at times seem arrogant,
Forgetful, for he is a lowly servant.
For the other servants he ought to care,
In their lot, he will have a share.
Unrepentent, it shall soon be too late,
Bitterly, he is faced with their fate.
Secretly squandering the lord's possessions,
Covertly working, inflating his own position.
Indicating ultimately his greatest failure,
Dispossessing himself of any future.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Prayer for Condemned Prisoners

Saint Dismas, you were once a criminal,
Executed for a life lived in robbery.
As you died, you were converted,
Becoming a follower of Jesus Christ,
And you gained His promised salvation.
We ask that you petition our Lord,
First for those who are to be executed,
That they may yet be converted,
And in Christ escape eternal death.
Pray also that they gain mercy from death,
And that their victims may find consolation,
And also the courage to forgive them.
Finally, pray for each of us,
That our hearts be turned to mercy,
And our souls to the glory of God.

Hail to Thee, Mary

Hail to thee, Mary, maiden most holy
Mother of God, named man's too
Bearer of our hope Who dwelt in you.

Glory to God for your obedience,
For 'twas your humble consent
Which sowed the seeds of man's ascent.

O gentle mother so loving and fair,
Lead us now to your saving son,
By His grace our salvation's won.

Gracious Queen, God's new Eve,
Who was left untarnished by sin
Pray for us here, poor fallen men.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Physicist and the Philosopher

Boasted the great physicist to the philosopher,
'The universe is mapped and explored,
governed by laws which can't be ignored.'

Asked the wise philosopher of the physicist,
'Is that the sole end of you scientists,
To determine the rules of all which exists?'

To the philosopher, the physicist simply remarked,
'The laws of all nature can be humanly known,
And the sum of the universe's governance shown.'

To the physicist, the philosopher gently replied,
'Good sir, your theories are quite well hypothesized,
But what of those things which remain unseen by our eyes?'

To philosopher, the physicist did tartly retort,
'There is no room in the universe's natural order,
for faith, love, hope or a Divine Creator and Ruler.'

To the physicist, the philosopher did evenly say,
'But you love your work, and hope for new discoveries,
And you have faith that the Supreme laws are your theories.'

But to the philosopher, the physicist quickly rebutted,
'To humans these emotions may seem quite fundamental,
But to the man of science nothing more is Transcendental.'

So to the physicist, the learned philosopher noted,
'You can explain the universe's very operations,
But not why it must follow all your equations.'

To the philosopher the physicist haughtily cried,
'What need have I for such foolish explanations,
Divine workings are beyond any of my derivations.'

To the physicist, the philosopher mildly stated,
'To me, it seems, your theories lack something critical,
For how can mere mortals explain the supernatural?'

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Beast Hidden

I have long searched for the great beast,
The ancient evil creature of many legends old.
Darkly he lies awaiting his deathly feast
Hoping for new hapless victim to catch hold.

The monster quietly lurks in his odious cave,
Always grimly plotting and coldly preparing
Silently awaiting the next person to enslave,
Anticipating another soul soon to be ensnaring.

Many a daring or courageous soldier has he fought,
Many a knight of untested bravery has he slain.
Still I am ever searching yet finding him not,
As though all my far-flung travels were in vain.

To the world the terrible beast is a great evil,
For an honor it would surely be to him destroy.
But some beings are yet far too cunningly fell,
And to the world he can never cause any joy.

Often reflected in my neighbors' faces was he,
As if the Monster lived in them, haunting.
A ghost staring through their eyes to see,
Through their actions working, ever daunting

I hoped to liberate them from the beast's domain,
That evil malice holding them each in submission.
As I work ever more to end his unholy reign,
All the while ignoring my own fallen condition.

I ne'er could defeat him for whom I had searched,
For it can nary nor scarcely be possible to bind
A foul creature like this so fiercely perched,
Hidden preying in my own heart and in my own mind.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

King's Return

The world seems to be entering night,
And things just don't seem right.
But the King will come with might,
And return the world to light.

When the King comes once again,
There'll be an end to all our pain.
When he is ever again allowed to reign,
The land will be cleaned of its stain.

Some rejected him, some tried to drive him away
When the King returns, they'll no longer stay.
The night will claim them, to the prophesies say:
'They'll be cast into darkness, on that fateful day.'

Some will be ready, and others will spurn,
That day on which the King will return.
If they reject His message, they'll never learn,
And they'll lose eternal joy and instead will burn.

Our Ruler is missing, he has been away for long
For many ages, years he has been gone.
Since he left, the world has been all wrong,
When he returns, the loyal will be filled with song.

The End of Class

Five minutes left,
I feel bereft.
Four minutes remain,
This class is such a pain.
Three minutes more--
The teacher's such a bore.
Two minutes to go,
Why's this lecture so slow?
Now there's only one,
Soon the class will be done.
Time's up, we're through!
But tomorrow we'll start anew.


Reimann wrote rectangles,
Terry tried triangles,
Peter played with parabolas,
Henry hypothesis about hyperbolas,
Gabe graphed a Gaussian,
Frank found another function,
Rick remembered the right rule;
But Stan skipped school.

Saturday, September 08, 2007


After these long hours of work,
And those duties I can't shirk,
I'm happily content just knowing
Something still keeps me going
Ready to push another mile:
That I'll get to see your smile.
Though you probably already knew
I'm ever glad that I know you.
There's something in your eyes
And now it's made me realize
That I'm truly a very lucky lad
For all the good times we've had.
You've been a source of joy
To this once dreary old boy.
You need not worry my dear
Nor shed nary a single tear
'Cause it's certainly true
That I'm in love with you.