Thursday, March 12, 2009

Contemplata Tradere (A Black and White Order)

Shades of gray, shadows of doubt!
Things men ought to know in their hearts--
Explained away by trickery, subtlety:
Subterfuge by turmoil's dark master woven.
Pious works and deed of mortification--
Yet the heart is proud rather than contrite,
Those silent prayers are too boastful:
Good works can be completed by hypocrites too.
Facts and knowledge invented or discovered,
Become just a mask to hide the lies,
Making them credible to learned or simple,
So that the truth itself may be obscured.
Who can set these evil things right:
A charitable man and his discerning companions,
Pure souls of black-and-white sensibilities--
Sharing that Truth sought in contemplation.

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