Friday, March 05, 2010

Teaching Experiences Presents: Real Students of Genius

Graduate Student Teaching Experiences presents: Real Students of Genius
[Real students of genius!]

Today we salute you, Mr wants an easy A guy
[Mr wants an easy A guy!]

You spend hours and hours pouting through class ratings websites, student forums, and rate my professor, just to find the one class which you can sleep through and get an A.

This kind of data-mining is a thankless and unforgiving task.
[Why don't you just try studying?]

Your sole mission in college was to find the easiest classes to take or the easiest professors from whom to take them.

As soon as you enter such a class, you begin to complain that it's not nearly challenging enough.
[Sounds like a double-standard!]

You spend more time arguing with your instructors over the point which you missed on that test last week than most people spent studying for the exam.
[Is it really worth the trouble?]

So crack open a book or a beer Mr 4.0--because your grade will be the same either way.
[Mr wants an easy A guy...]